Coinciding with national Public Service Recognition Week, the Alliance for Worker Freedom will send out a press release everyday highlighting some of the problems associated with America’s public sector workers.

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While America’s public sector workers play an important role in the maintenance of the United States government and its agencies, the number of public sector workers and their responsibilities has so greatly expanded that it has begun to distort commerce and unnecessarily burden taxpayers. With the scope of government ever-growing, private companies are finding themselves hamstrung by government regulation or in direct competition with public workers or government backed companies.

Everyday this week the Alliance for Worker Freedom will release statistics that highlight many of the problems that accompany America’s public sector workers:

While 40% of federal workers say their employer is hiring, only 28% of non-government workers say their company is adding jobs.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom recognizes the necessity of public workers but suggests that America would be better served if many of the current functions undertaken by public sector workers were competed for by private businesses.