Tax and spenders in California have set their sights on changing the state constitution to
create a new government program for universal preschool. On June 6, Californians will be
asked to vote on Proposition 82, which would raise taxes on Californians by $2.4 billion.

Prop 82 continues to preserve California’s predatory tax climate that
targets the state’s most productive citizens. California’s business tax
climate ranks 40th among 50; compared to the state’s neighbors who
have been continually more business friendly: Nevada, 5th; Oregon,
10th; Washington, 13th; and Arizona, 25th. *

With figures like these, it is no wonder that California’s wealthy
taxpayers have fled the state for “greener” pastures, resulting in
a loss of nearly $9 billion in uncollected tax revenue.

Passage of Prop 82 will drive more taxpayers out of California and leave all taxpayers to
compensate for the lost revenue.

Vote No on Prop 82!