Tax and spenders in California have set their sights on changing the state constitution to
create a new government program for universal preschool. On June 6, Californians will be
asked to vote on Proposition 82, which would raise taxes on Californians by $2.4 billion.

Due to the tax and spend culture, especially on high income earners, California’s
wealthy taxpayers have fled the state at an unprecedented rate. It is estimated
that since 2000, the state has lost nearly $9 billion in uncollected tax revenue.

With passage of Prop 82, the state could stand to lose billions
more in tax revenue as the state’s most productive taxpayers
move to more tax friendly states. The loss in general revenue
would automatically reduce spending for K-12 programs, which
receives the majority of its support from the general fund.

If improved education is the main idea, the state should look at fixing its flawed
K-12 system through choice and competition before creating new spending

Vote No on Prop 82!