Despite evidence that flavored vapes are vital to helping people who smoke quit the deadly habit of cigarettes, or the fact sales to youth are already illegal in California, the state legislature restricted adults’ rights to better their health with vaping products.

SB 793 also prohibits the sale of menthol cigarettes. This is expected to create a thriving black market that will reduce state tax revenue and divert police resources away from more pressing crime. Menthol cigarette bans can also be expected to unnecessarily and disproportionately impact  Black communities where use of menthol products is more predominant.

Somewhat confusingly, voting “YES” on the proposition is a vote to uphold SB 793 and the flavored tobacco and vape ban.

A “YES” vote will lead to countless small business being shut down, thousands of lost jobs, and increased smoking rates as vapers return to combustible tobacco. A “YES” vote will also create a thriving black market and be a step in the wrong direction on criminal justice reform.

Voting “NO” on the proposition is a vote to repeal SB 793 and keep the sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products legal in California.