According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, 16,000 MNsure applicants STILL do not have insurance.

Here we go again.

Despite receiving $155,020,465 in federal funding to build a functioning exchange, the online interface continues to deprive people from receiving much-needed healthcare. The reason 16,000 Minnesotans who applied for Medical Assistance are still without coverage? Simple; state officials never got around to sending out letters informing consumers of problems with their original applications.

“It was a serious error on our part of not being more on top of understating that process, and having the oversight in place,” said Deputy Commissioner Chuck Johnson of the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

‘Serious error’ is quite the understatement. The mailing process was supposed to be fully automated, but like many facets of online state-exchanges, they were implemented without properly addressing critical issues.

Back in February, ATR noted that HealthCare.Gov left 22,000 site error appeals untouched. In May, Cost of Government Center reported that over 1 million enrollees received incorrect subsidies. Unfortunately, 16,000 uninsured Minnesotans are the next real-life example of the technical issues that continue to plague the President’s misguided healthcare law. This is problematic on two fronts: if you have an issue with your application you won’t get a response, and, if the state has a problem with your application you won’t be notified.

On Obamacare, “the idea is simple. By enrolling in what we’re calling these marketplaces, you become part of a big group plan,” said the President in the Rose Garden last October. What the President fails to acknowledge is that with a big group plan, come big problems that are anything but ‘simple’.

Obamacare has failed to deliver on its main goal, to provide health coverage. If the President requires citizens to sign up for his law, Americans at least deserve one that actually works.