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Washington, D.C. — Today, the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), sent a letter to Congressmen Dingell (D-MI) and Waxman (D-CA) attacking their use of a private ballot in the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman election, while supporting legislation that forces workers to use a public ballot when voting on union membership

Representatives Dingell and Waxman are both supporters of H.R. 800, the “Employee Free Choice Act” which takes away a workers’ right to a private ballot election when voting on union membership. AWF Executive Director Brian Johnson sent a letter to both Dingell and Waxman highlighting the hypocrisy behind keeping a private ballot election system in Congress while called for its abomination for working America

"Dingell, Waxman, and other members backing ‘Card Check’ want to take democratic rights away from rank-and-file workers.  Instead, they aim to replace it with a system that favors labor union bosses by allowing workers and their families to be threatened, harassed, and intimidated into union membership.”

An excerpt from the letter dated November 10th is below and full copy is available on

H.R. 800, the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” disenfranchises workers by taking away their right to a private ballot when voting on union membership in the workplace. This legislation, that both of you support, opens the door for threats, intimidation and coercion – the same concepts that you avoid in your election for Chairman by keeping the ballots private.

Congressman Dingell and Waxman, if a private, secret ballot is good enough for you in your Chairman election, then why do you want to take that right away from the American worker?

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