WASHINGTON-As President Bush unveils his comprehensive plan to solve the nation\’s energy problems, early analysis indicates that all taxpayers will benefit from this new forward-looking plan.  Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) issued the following statement on the President\’s plan:

"The taxpayers\’ real nemesis all along has not been the power companies or the oil companies, but the Big Government attitude which dictates how much energy should be produced and what it should cost.  President Bush\’s energy policy is great for taxpayers by helping to lower their energy bills and it is great for small businesses by reducing the hidden costs of production.  President Bush and Vice President Cheney both deserve praise for this proposal.  They clearly have their priorities straight.

"The President\’s plan will help lighten taxpaying consumers\’ bills by encouraging competition between providers of electricity so that an open market, rather than bureaucratic intervention, will keep prices low.  By reducing the hidden regulatory costs of production and allowing modest and controlled exploration for oil and gas, the President\’s proposal will increase America\’s fuel stock which helps small businesses pay their bills," said Norquist.

Estimates indicate that over the next 20 years, US oil consumption will grow by one-third and electricity demand will increase 45 percent.  Due in large part to the series of regulatory roadblocks placed before new energy production projects, the costs of construction and operation have increased while the potential for return on producers\’ investments has reduced.  If no changes are made, there is little likelihood that there will be an adequate energy supply.

"Production and distribution of energy has been prevented from adequately expanding to accommodate increased demand, all thanks to bureaucratic at the expense of taxpayers," Norquist concluded.

For more on the President\’s energy plan, visit the Energy Policy section of ATR\’s web site for talking points and more detailed background information.