Presidential Debate Tonight:  Questions for the Candidates

WASHINGTON, D.C—Americans for Tax Reform suggests the following questions for tonight’s Presidential debate:

  • What specific parts of your tax plan would increase the value of the average American’s 401(k) plan?
  • How would each of your tax plans contribute to long-term financial stability and permanently higher economic growth?
  • According to the OECD, the United States has the second-highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world.  Economists left and right have called for a lower corporate rate to increase US competitiveness.  Do you agree or disagree on the need to lower the corporate rate?
  • Especially considering the cooperation between Russian and Venezuelan militaries, are not such trade agreements as CAFTA and the Colombia and Panama FTAs  a critical foreign policy instrument?  Would your administration continue to promote regional and bilateral free trade agreements?
  • The United States is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t tax on a territorial basis, leaving us at a competitive disadvantage internationally.  What’s your position on the international side of U.S. tax policy?
  • Some versions of cap-and-trade would empower the EPA to slap tariffs on nations with high carbon emissions, in violation of WTO protocols.  As supporters of cap-and-trade, what is your opinion of this provision?
  • The United States is one of the only countries in the world without a value-added tax, or VAT.  What is your position on a VAT for the U.S., either as a replacement of a current tax or a new tax?
  • As President, would you cooperate with high-tax nations in Europe that wish us to track the U.S. financial transactions of their nationals?

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