U.S. Senators and Congressmen

1. Vote for and support the legislation to put Ronald Reagan on the $10 bill.
2. Consider federal projects or federally owned entities in your district that can be named after Reagan. Examples include forests, military installations, national parks, national grasslands, and post offices. Introduce legislation changing the name of the entity.
3. Vote for resolutions honoring President Reagan on the occasion of his passing.
4. Issue public statements of support for dedications to President Reagan.


1. Issue a proclamation on the occasion of his death celebrating Reagan\’s defeat of communism and his re-invigoration of the American spirit.
2. Declare Friday, June 11 a public day of mourning in your state.
3. Order the state government closed June 11 to observe of the day of mourning.
4. Consider currently under-construction projects that can be renamed administratively. Many major landmarks and projects are named for physical geography, such as "Muddy Creek Elementary." These are easy dedications.
5. Introduce and publicly support legislation renaming physical features such as mountains, streams, forests, and aquifers.
6. Publicly support the Reagan $10 Bill.

State Legislators

1. Introduce legislation renaming physical features, public works, and state buildings in your district. Names can incorporate other words, such as "Reagan Freedom Plaza" or "Reagan Peace Building."
2. Introduce and/or support resolutions honoring President Reagan at his death.
3. Introduce and/or support a resolution calling on Congress and the U.S. Treasury to issue a $10 bill bearing President Reagan\’s image.

County Officials

1. Look for currently unnamed or "undernamed" public works or geophysical features in your county. Especially consider names of roads, circles, highways.
2. Consider renaming schools or county administration buildings.

University Presidents, Chancellors and Members of Boards of Regents

1. Consider naming colleges within universities, schools within colleges, buildings, quadrangles, fountains, dormitories, etc.
2. Invite nationally renown speakers to talk about Reagan and the Cold War.

School Board Members

1. Schools are an excellent opportunity. Schools are being built every day. School boards may have the authority to name schools or school buildings.

Citizens of Every Walk of Life

1. Call your Governor and request that Friday, June 11 be declared an official day of mourning in your state.
2. Call you state legislator and request that he or she support resolutions honoring president Reagan, and supporting his image on the $10 bill.
3. Call your Senators and Congressmen and express your support for President Reagan on the $10 bill. The Capitol switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121.
4. Look for possible dedications in your area. Submit them to the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project website at http://www.reaganlegacy.org
5. Sign up for more information about the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project at the Americans for Tax Reform (the RRLP\’s parent organization) website at http://www.atr.org/join