Nice: Mick Jagger

For sticking up for Margaret Thatcher and for revealing that he is a “closet conservative.”

Naughty: NYC Voters

For electing tax-hike proponent Bill DeBlasio.

Nice: Jimmy Hoffa Jr. 

For his op-ed in The Wall Street Journal noting that Obamacare “will destroy the very health and well-being of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans.”

Naughty: President Obama


Nice: Jon Stewart

For doing a better job at pointing out the failure of Obamacare than any professional journalist.

Naughty: Lobbyist David French

While lobbying for an Internet tax, called the Constitution an outdated “18th century document.”

Nice: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

For ripping apart Obamacare in front of 16 million people during their performance at the Country Music Awards.

Naughty: Kathleen Sebelius

Among other things, telling Congress that “The website never crashed.”

Nice: Bono

For praising Ireland’s comparatively low tax rates: “Tax competitiveness has taken our country out of poverty.”

Naughty: Dick Durbin

For sullying the good name of Joe McCarthy.

Nice: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

For his push to make Kansas tax rates as flat as the state.

Naughty: Whoever thought this was a good idea

Nice: Phil Mickelson

Fore pointing out that California’s hostile tax code is driving people out of the state.

Naughty: Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer

For proving the Democrats only want conservative money out of politics.

Nice: Farmers in Brittany, France

For burning their crops in a Boston Tea Party-like tax revolt.

Naughty: SEC

For stalling privacy legislation that would prevent them from snooping in your emails.

Nice: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

For sweeping to victory in opposition to the carbon tax.

Naughty: NSA

They know why.

Nice: Shaq

For endorsing Chris Christie for governor of New Jersey.

Naughty: National Retail Federation

For funding Dick Durbin’s effort to tax the Internet.

Nice: Ashton Kutcher

“I believe that opportunity looks a lot like work.”

Naughty: Katy Perry

For pushing Obamacare on her fans.

Nice: The Robertson Family

Because America.

Naughty: Virginia Speaker Bill Howell

For shepherding Gov. Bob McDonnell’s massive tax increase through the General Assembly.

Nice: Ezra Klein

For urging Democrats to take tax hikes off the table.

Naughty: Governor Bob McDonnell

For pulling out all the stops to pass the largest tax increase in Virginia history, thereby squandering Republican control of the Commonwealth.

Nice: WWII Honor Flight Vets

Naughty: Lois Lerner

For bringing the charm of the NSA to the IRS.

Nice: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

For making Marion Berry’s crack habit look temperate.

Naughty: President Obama

Nice: Mindy Kaling

For being “very pro-gun.”

Naughty: Jay Carney

He’ll have to refer you to Santa’s elves for the answer.

Nice: Bill Clinton

For calling out President Obama on his broken promise that “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period.”

Naughty: President Obama

Nice: Texas Public Policy Foundation

For exporting the Texas criminal justice reform model to other states.

Naughty: Peter the Great

For introducing the Beard Tax in 1705.

Nice: Libek and Fiscal Coalition of Serbia

For their “Defend Your Wallet” campaign and for organizing Serbia’s first-ever taxpayer rally.

Naughty: President Obama

Nice: Tea Party Italia

For spearheading the Italian tax pledge.

Naughty: Sydney Leathers

For helping DeBlasio get elected as NYC mayor.

Nice: Colorado Voters

For overwhelmingly rejecting a tax hike on “the rich” in order to fund teachers unions.

Naughty: President Obama

Nice: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

For signing Right-to-Work into law in Michigan.

Naughty: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley

For taxing snow (rain tax).

Nice: NC Speaker Thom Tillis, Senate President Phil Berger, and Governor Pat McCrory

For enacting the most significant tax reform in decades in North Carolina.

Naughty: President Obama