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The list of Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers continues to grow in the Republican primary for Illinois’s 14th congressional district. Americans for Tax Reform congratulates all candidates willing to make a written commitment to American taxpayers to oppose income tax hikes.  

This district covers northern Illinois, specifically the northern and western suburbs of Chicago, and is currently represented by Rep. Lauren Underwood (D). The Cook Political Report rates the district as toss up with a PVI of R+5.  

The following candidates have signed the Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge: 

  • Jim Oberweis 
  • Ted Gradel 
  • Catalina Lauf 
  • James Marter

Candidates often say they will not raise taxes, but disregard campaign promises once they take office. The Pledge ensures that candidates stay true to their commitment to oppose any and all tax hikes.  

The candidates who signed the Pledge join Rep. Shimkus, Rep. Kinzinger, and Rep. LaHood in making this commitment to Illinois taxpayers.  

There are currently eight candidates in the Republican primary, which is scheduled to occur on March 17th, 2020. ATR challenges all remaining candidates to sign the Pledge. Voters deserve to know where the candidates stand prior to Election Day.  

For the most up-to-date information on Pledge signers, please visit the ATR Pledge Database.