A recent poll conducted on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute shows that American voters are fed up with Democrats and their excessive tax hikes.  More specifically, the numbers show that voters are concerned with heavy taxes levied on the oil and gas industry.

According to polling professionals Harris Interactive, 64 percent of respondents were opposed to any tax increase in the oil and gas industry.  More specifically, 46 percent were strongly opposed.  This is more than double the amount of respondents who supported tax increases at 27 percent.

The data shows that voters are well informed over the issues surrounding American energy. For instance, Congress is trying to overtax the same industry that paid $100 billion in federal income taxes in 2008 and employs more than 9.2 million Americans.

In this economic climate, a tax hike for any industry would be disastrous.  Raising the cost of energy production, Democrats would be forcing companies to lay off workers.  Our government should be cutting taxes to encourage investment and jumpstart the economy-not hand out pink slips.