Who Has Pledged To Protect Taxpayers in Alaska?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans for Tax Reform applauds the following challengers and incumbent office holders at the national and state levels for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  By signing the pledge, a candidate commits “to oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Pledge signers are in good company. In signing the Pledge, these candidates join President Bush, 41 U.S. Senators, 192 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, eight Governors, seven Lieutenant Governors, three Attorneys General, three Secretaries of State, three Treasurers, one Comptroller, two Board of Equalization members, and more than 1,200 state legislators.

In Alaska, the following challengers and elected officials at the federal level have signed the Pledge:


Dave Cuddy (AK-Sen)
Jerry Heikes (AK-Sen)
Rick Sikma (AK-Sen)
Sean Parnell (AK-AL)
Gabrielle LeDoux (AK-AL)

Challengers who have not signed:

Michael Corey (AK-Sen)
Vic Vickers (AK-Sen)
Rich Wanda (AK-Sen)
Mark Begich (AK-Sen)
Ray Metcalfe (AK-Sen)
Frank Vondersaar (AK-Sen)
Bob Bird (AK-Sen)
David Haase (AK-Sen)
Ted Gianoutsos (AK-Sen)
Paul Kendall (AK-Sen)
Lance Merrick (AK-Sen)
Diane Benson (AK-AL)
Ethan Berkowitz (AK-AL)
Don Wright (AK-AL)
Frank Frost (AK-AL)

Sitting Incumbents:

Ted Stevens (AK-Sen)
Lisa Murkowski (AK-Sen)
*Don Young (AK-AL)

*Don Young is ineligible for the 2008 Hero of the Taxpayer Award due to his vote for a tax increase earlier this year.

In Alaska, the following elected officials at the state level have signed the Pledge:

Sitting Incumbents:

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell
John J. Cowdery (S-O)
Fred Dyson (S-I)
Lyda N. Green (S-G)

Please note that a Pledge signer who breaks his commitment to taxpayers continues to be bound by the Pledge and stays on the list of signers.