Pledge Signers Overwhelmingly Win June 9th GOP Primaries

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) congratulates all 27 Taxpayer Pledge Signers who won their primaries in Georgia, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and West Virginia on Tuesday. These signers all made written commitments to the taxpayers of their respective states to oppose and vote against tax hikes.  

The following primary winners signed the Pledge: 

  • Georgia 
    • Sen. David Purdue (GA-Sen) 
    • Rep. Buddy Carter (GA-01) 
    • Rep. Drew Ferguson (GA-03) 
    • Karen Handel (GA-06) 
    • Rich McCormick (GA-07) 
    • Rep. Austin Scott (GA-08) 
    • Matt Gurtler (GA-09) 
    • Andrew Clyde (GA-09) 
    • Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10) 
    • Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11) 
    • Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12) 
    • Marjorie Greene (GA-14) 
    • John Cowan (GA-14) 
  • Nevada 
    • Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-02) 
    • Dan Rodimer (NV-03)* 
    • Jim Marchant (NV-04)* 
  • North Dakota 
    • Rep. Kelly Armstrong (ND-AL) 
  • South Carolina 
    • Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC-Sen) 
    • Nancy Mace (SC-01) 
    • Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-02) 
    • Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-03) 
    • Rep. William Timmons (SC-04) 
    • Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05) 
  • West Virginia  
    • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV-Sen) 
    • Rep. David McKinley (WV-01) 
    • Rep. Alex Mooney (WV-02) 
    • Rep. Carol Miller (WV-03) 


Candidates running for public office like to say they will not raise taxes, but often turn their backs on the taxpayer once elected. The idea of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is simple enough: Make them put their no-new-taxes rhetoric in writing. It is offered to every candidate for state and federal office and to all incumbents. Nearly 1,400 elected officials have signed the Pledge 

“The Taxpayer Protection Pledge stands as a barrier against tax hikes and makes continued pro-growth tax reform possible. We are ecstatic about the candidates’ decisions to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to their constituents,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. 

The June 9th primary winners join over 90% of Senatorial and Congressional Republicans in making this commitment.   

 “The American people are looking for solutions that create jobs and grow the economy. Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and holding the line on taxes is the first step in that process,” continued Norquist. 

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. For the most up-to-date information on this race or any other, please visit the ATR Pledge Database

*Votes are still being collected and are expected to be finalized in Nevada on June 19th.