Kellam calls for increasing gas taxes to “temporarily” solve transportation woes

Washington, DC– After several months of high gas prices, Virginians are finally experiencing some relief at the pumps. However, that will change if Phil Kellam is elected to Virginia’s second congressional district.  As part of a commission to solve Virginia’s transportation problems, established by former Governor Mark Warner, Mr. Kellam helped to craft several recommendations including two involving increasing the state gas tax.

“If you didn’t believe Phil Kellam would raise your taxes after he failed to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge then this commission report should make his stance crystal clear,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

The section entitled “Inadequate Transportation Funding,” of the Commission on Transportation in Urbanized Areas report Recommendation 3 suggests “increasing the statewide gas tax” and Recommendation 4 proposes “enabling regions to levy an additional tax on top of that with provisions to increase the tax as necessary.”

“It appears Phil Kellam reverted back to his days as a tax collector to solve the problems of Virginia,” continued Mr. Norquist. “Raising taxes to solve long term problems is taking the easy way out. The voters deserve an explanation.”