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“He’s not helping us and I don’t know of any unions that he’s helped so far in other trades.”

Fox Business Network’s Carley Shimkus visited Bald Knob, Arkansas to interview workers affected by President Biden’s harmful executive order to halt the KeystoneXL pipeline. Nearly three months after Biden’s decision, workers and their families are hurting.

Here are some onsite quotes from the report:

“It’s hard to make plans when you’ve got an administration that’s trying to crush your future.”

“I’ve looked for them green jobs and they are not there.”

“I lost probably $60,000 – $80,000 not being able to go on that job. That’s my livelihood. If I’m not working, I’m barely scraping by. I’ve got two kids to support, what am I supposed to do there?”

“My whole family is unemployed.”

“The middle class is standing right here and looking at him [Biden] and telling him, ‘we’re hurting, and we need jobs.'”

“He’s not helping us and I don’t know of any unions that he’s helped so far in other trades.”

Americans for Tax Reform is collecting personal testimonials of Americans hit by President Biden’s energy restrictions. (If you would like to submit a short video, please send it to Mike Mirsky at [email protected]). Please see the examples below:

Pipeline Worker: “I’ve got my whole life invested in this.”

“Biden’s decisions to shut down the KeystoneXL pipeline and many others affects me and my family of five very much so.”

Oilfield Welder on Biden’s Hostility to Oil and Gas Jobs: “You have to change your whole life up because of politics.”

“I am currently unemployed due to Joe Biden’s executive order to halt construction of the KeystoneXL pipeline.”

“Canceling this Keystone Pipeline to make a group of people happy has had real life consequences. We got people who can’t work now, can’t provide for their families.”

Biden Keystone Order Hits Small Business Hard: “Over $3,000 in monthly revenue that was gone literally within 48 hours.”

“This is our livelihood. We don’t consider it a temporary job. We consider it as our career.”