The Tax Collector at It Again

Washington, DC- Phil Kellam seems to possess one solution for every problem: tax hikes.  As part of a commission to solve Virginia’s transportation woes, Mr. Kellam helped craft several recommendations involving two that would increase the state gas tax.

Now, Kellam wishes to increase the Social Security tax on middle and upper income individuals while reducing their benefits.

“Once again the true nature of the tax and spend liberal reveals itself,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Phil Kellam can try to manipulate his words all he wants but when you support ‘a bipartisan plan that balances additional contributions from higher income workers with modest adjustments in future benefits…’ That simply screams tax increases and benefit reductions.”

While it appears Phil Kellam pledges to increase your taxes at every opportunity, Congresswoman Thelma Drake remains a stalwart supporter of pro-taxpayer policies. In 2006, Rep. Drake received the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award with a 100% rating and has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to “oppose any and all tax increases…”

“Mr. Kellam needs to come clean with the voters before Election Day,” continued Norquist. “Why does Kellam believe every problem including the impending Social Security disaster require higher taxes?”