Pennsylvania Examples of Tax Reform Good News

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Posted by John Kartch on Friday, March 9th, 2018, 3:30 PM PERMALINK

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the Republican congress and signed by President Donald Trump, companies of all sizes are already giving bonuses and raises and expanding the scope of their operations. 

Below are several examples of tax reform good news in Pennsylvania. (Additions to this list can be sent to

Comcast (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) -- $1,000 bonuses to 100,000 employees; at least $50 billion investment in infrastructure in next five years

“Based on the passage of tax reform and the FCC's action on broadband, Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast NBCUniversal, announced that the Company would award special $1,000 bonuses to more than one hundred thousand eligible frontline and non-executive employees.” – Comcast press release

1st Summit Bank (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) -- $1,000 bonuses to full-time employees; salary raises; increased charitable donations.

AccuWeather (State College, Pennsylvania) – Tax reform bonuses for all employees. (Approx. 450 – 500 employees):

“The bonuses are possible due to the company's robust financial performance in 2017 and strong confidence in the growing U.S. and global economy now that the Tax Bill has passed.” – Dec. 26, 2017 AccuWeather press release

American Bank (Allentown, Pennsylvania) – $1,000 bonuses for 60 employees:

“President and CEO Mark W. Jaindl stated, “Beginning in 2018, we expect to see benefits from the recent tax reform due to lower corporate tax rates.  As we celebrate the holiday season and prepare to close out another year of growth at American Bank, the Board of Directors and senior management want to give back to our team members who are directly responsible for our success.”

Mr. Jaindl continued, “We expect the actions taken by Congress and the President will have a material positive impact on growth throughout the country.  As a result, we anticipate our hiring efforts will increase in 2018.”  American Bank press release

Hudson Facades (Linwood, Pennsylvania) –  $3,000 in every factory worker’s 401(k); increase base wage pay:

“We raised wages, yes,” said Allen Cohen, managing partner of New Hudson Facades, of the approximate 5 percent raise given to employees. “In addition to that, Related Companies [a partner company] has given every factory employee, $3,000 in their 401(k).” – Feb. 20 2018, WHYY article excerpt

Beneficial Bancorp, Inc. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) -- base wage raised to $14 per hour; $1,000 bonuses for all AVP Level employees and below; 4.5% employer contribution to 401(k) plans:

Following the passage of H.R. 1 and the anticipated savings from lower future taxes, we announced a special $1,000 bonus paid to over 600 employees and enhanced our medical coverage to our entire employee base.  We also evaluated the compensation of our hourly employees and raised our minimum hourly rate to $14.00. -- Feb. 1, 2018 Beneficial Bancorp Inc. press release

Customers Bank (Wyomissing, Pennsylvania) – increased charitable contributions of $1 million:

Customers Bank will also increase its charitable giving by $1 million in 2018, and will continue to invest in its talent, who all already earn at least $15 per hour – a rarity in banking. “By increasing our charitable giving and investing in our talent, we’re investing in the growth of the communities we serve,” said Sidhu. “These tax savings will ensure that we can put more money in the hands of communities, families, and small business owners. We expect that this bill will be positive for growth.” – Jan. 5, 2018 Customers Bank press release

Fidelity Bank (Dunmore, Pennsylvania; not to be confused with Fidelity Investments) – $1,000 bonuses for all full-time employees making less than $100,000; $500,000 in charitable donations:

Fidelity Bank is pleased to announce additional investments in its Bankers and communities made possible by the passing of the recent tax reform bill. Fidelity Bank’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Team have decided to share in the benefits of the lower corporate tax burden by:

  • Providing a one-time cash payment of $1,000 to all full-time Fidelity Bankers. This bonus was paid to all Fidelity Bankers below $100,000 in annual compensation.
  • Taking a $500,000 contribution to the newly created Fidelity D & D Charitable Foundation that will support the local philanthropic and community needs. The newly formed and funded foundation creates a sustainable way to give back to the communities Fidelity Bank serves.

“The tax reform law creates an opportunity to reward our most valuable asset, our Bankers, who are working hard each day to serve our clients, building strong relationships in our communities, and creating long term shareholder value. The Fidelity Bankers put forth perfect effort to position Fidelity Bank as the best bank,” said Daniel J. Santaniello, President & Chief Executive Officer. --Jan. 2 2018, Fidelity Bank press release

Kraft Heinz Company (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois) – $1.3 billion pre-funding of post-retirement benefit plans; $800 million in capital expenditures; $300 million in strategic investments:

“Since the HR-1 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, we have already taken actions and are accelerating key business initiatives. This includes approximately $300 million in strategic investments to build our capabilities, our people skills and our brands; more than $800 million in capital expenditures to improve quality, safety and capacity; as well as $1.3 billion to pre-fund our post-retirement benefit plans.”

                       – Feb. 16 Kraft Heinz statement by David Knopf, CFO

F.N.B. Corporation (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – extra 401(k) contributions to employees totaling $1 million; base wage raised to $15 per hour; increased charitable donations:

F.N.B. Corporation (NYSE:FNB) today announced a significant financial commitment to both its employees and the communities it serves relating to the signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

As an investment in its workforce, FNB plans to raise the minimum hourly wage for its employees to $15 by the end of 2019, accelerating an ongoing initiative to elevate hourly wages. Paying competitive wages will continue to be a focus for the Company in attracting and retaining the highest caliber employees to serve customers, which translates into strong financial performance and benefit to its shareholders. FNB will also provide a discretionary, one-time 401(k) contribution, totaling $1 million, to the vast majority of employees based upon analysis of compensation levels and eligibility.

During the first half of 2017, FNB also made a $5 million contribution to its Foundation, which was established to provide grants for a variety of non-profit entities throughout its multi-state footprint. Moving forward, these funds will be utilized to support causes within its service area. This contribution was also part of a broader community benefit plan focusing on charitable giving, community development investments and lending efforts serving financially-vulnerable and historically underserved populations.

“We are pleased that the current tax law changes present the opportunity for substantial benefits for our clients, employees, communities and shareholders,” said Vincent J. Delie, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of F.N.B. Corporation. “Increased investment in our employees and in improving the quality of life within our communities creates an enhanced experience for our clients and superior long-term shareholder returns.” – Jan. 18, 2018 F.N.B. Corporation press release

Almo Corporation (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – $1,000 incremental bonus, capital improvement, and purchasing a new operating system:

Almo, the Philadelphia-based appliance, CE, housewares and pro A/V distributor, is investing its savings from the Trump administration’s new tax legislation in its employees and infrastructure.

President/CEO Warren Chaiken said Almo’s newly lowered tax structure will allow it to reward its employees with an incremental bonus of $1,000, as “they are the greatest asset we have to offer as a business.”


The capital improvements include:

  • a new 300,000-square-foot distribution center in Philadelphia to cover the Mid-Atlantic region, plus warehouse relocations in Nevada and Ohio to larger facilities;
  • an ongoing headquarters renovation that includes a reconfigured first floor and a new 7,000-square-foot second floor that can accommodate 65 additional employees;
  • a new central office in Ft. Lauderdale for the company’s global operations and hospitality and new business groups; and
  • a new, larger headquarters office in Baltimore for the Almo Professional A/V division that will allow for expansion and growth.                                                                         

                                                                 -- March 9 2018, Twice article excerpt

Sewickley Spa (Sewickley, Pennsylvania ) -- Pay raises; increased capital expenditures:

For the past decade, Sewickley Spa’s 13 employees didn’t receive annual raises.

With economic pressures forcing cuts at the business since the Great Recession of 2007-09, owner Dorothy Andreas said she couldn’t afford pay hikes — though she still managed to provide a bonus every Christmas.

But on Dec. 20 — the day Congress gave final approval to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — Ms. Andreas decided to “pull the trigger” on raises of 2 percent to 5 percent and bonuses that averaged 2.5 percent.

“My staff needed a morale booster,” said Ms. Andreas. She welcomes the federal tax changes because she expects them to translate to savings she can pump back into spending for new equipment and at least two more employees.

In recent years, her luxury spa — which offers massages, facials, and other salon treatments for men and women — has delayed investments in things like updated computer systems and pedicure chairs.

“I just want to put it all back into my company,” she said. “It feels like the government wants to see small business succeed and it’s like a breath of fresh air into a very stale climate.” -- Feb. 5 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article excerpt

Fulton Financial Corporation (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) – base wage raised to $12 per hour; bonuses in the form of an additional week of pay for 75% of the 3,700 employees; $2 million in increased charitable donations:

Fulton Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: FULT) (“Fulton”) announced today that during 2018, it will invest an additional $2 million in the communities it serves as part of its Fulton Forward  initiative; and the company will raise the minimum wage paid to employees in addition to providing an additional week of pay at year-end to employees who do not participate in an incentive plan.

“At Fulton, we understand that our future is connected to the communities where we operate and the employees who serve them,” said E. Philip Wenger, Chairman and CEO of Fulton Financial. “It makes sense for us to share the benefits of tax reform, and we’re very pleased to be able to give back to our communities and employees.”

As a result of the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Fulton will commit an additional $2 million as part of its Fulton Forward  Initiative, which broadly supports communities across the company’s footprint. The initiative was designed to support underserved communities to create affordable housing, provide financial literacy and education programs, and to accelerate economic development.

In addition to expanding its community support, Fulton also will raise its minimum wage to $12 per hour. The company also plans to provide an additional week of pay in 2018 to employees, who are not participants in other variable-award plans. It is expected that 75% of Fulton’s approximately 3,700 employees will receive this additional week of pay.

“Giving is a cornerstone of our culture, and we already provide thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars of existing support to community organizations,” said Wenger. “I am thrilled that our communities and employees will benefit from the savings we will realize from the changes in our corporate tax rate.” – Jan. 18, 2018 Fulton Financial Corporation press release

ISI Financial Group (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) -- $2,000 bonuses for all employees:

At year ahead staff planning meeting in January I proudly announced to all  of our staff that because of the new tax law, that ISI is happy to share the tax savings and will providing to all staff members a $2000 bonus.  

When  announced, the staff were all taken back, very surprised and EXTREMELY grateful.This welcome tax cut for ISI Financial Group and most other companies and individuals is a welcome and prudent step toward freeing up capital for all of us to invest into our economy and great country.  I, Tim Decker, personally challenge other companies to share this gift with their employees as well. – Tim Decker, President and CEO

Sundance Vacations (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) -- $125,000 in employee tax reform bonuses:

"Sundance Vacations announced a decision to award bonuses to its employees based on the GOP tax reform bill that was recently signed into law by President Trump. Sundance Vacations president John Dowd cited two tax reform factors that he believes will positively impact company profits. “Additional take home pay for many Americans will likely lead to robust vacation sales for the company this year,” projects Dowd. “And the ability to deduct some business expenses upfront rather than depreciate them over multiple years will be a major factor for company profitability.” Sundance Vacations decided to award individual bonuses to staff members similar to corporate giants like Apple and AT&T. The immediate bonuses are in addition to the reduction in tax withholding that Americans will benefit from beginning in February. The Sundance bonuses will total over $125,000. Hundreds of other companies are also issuing bonuses nationwide which Dowd believes will inject more spending into the US economy.

Congressman Barletta commented, “The results have been clear that our tax plan will provide more opportunity for all Americans. Businesses will invest in workers and equipment, generating the historic growth that has been dormant in our nation for far too long. Americans will keep more of their paychecks, allowing them to pay bills, save for their children’s education or pay off lingering bills. I am very excited for companies in Pennsylvania like Sundance Vacations as they award bonuses because of our tax plan. The future is very bright for Pennsylvania.”  – Jan. 30 2018, Sundance Vacations press release

NexTier Bank (Butler, Pennsylvania) – $1,000 bonuses for all employees; tuition reimbursement on job training; wage raises for hourly employees:

NexTier Bank, N.A. (“NexTier”), today announced an investment in its workforce with a one-time bonus of $1,000 for all employees as a result of the tax reform bill passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Trump. This is in addition to annual bonuses paid in late 2017.    

“Our employees are the key to our success and we are pleased to share this tax savings with our team. NexTier’s employees work hard to meet the needs of our customers, build relationships, and give back to the communities we serve. It’s an honor to reward them for their efforts,” stated CEO, Clem Rosenberger.

In addition to this one-time payout, NexTier is committed to providing educational and career advancement opportunities to employees on an ongoing basis with educational benefits such as tuition reimbursement, internal training, and a variety of industry training opportunities. NexTier will also make adjustments to the wages of hourly employees throughout the year.

“The tax reform bill not only allows us to invest in our employees, but to accelerate lending to small businesses, increase hiring, and enhance our charitable giving. It’s a win-win,” continued Rosenberger. “We fully expect to see significant growth, not only as a company, but throughout the local and national economy as a result of this historic legislation.” – Jan. 12 2018, NexTier Bank press release

Noah Bank (Elkins Park, Pennsylvania) – $1,500 cash bonus to employees:

Noah Bank, a Pennsylvania-chartered community bank, has announced today that its Board of Directors has elected to provide all employees with a one-time $1,500 cash bonus thanks to the passage of new tax legislation.

CEO Edward E. Shin stated, "We are pleased to have the opportunity to reward employees with salary increases and bonuses thanks to these tax cuts.  We are proud of our dedicated and enthusiastic employees who have made Noah Bank a success."  Mr. Shin added that, "The new legislation will continue to benefit Noah Bank, our employees, our shareholders, and our customers as we progress and grow."

Congress approved tax reform legislation that reduced the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.  Noah Bank intends to pay out the bonuses on February 8.” – Feb. 2 2018, Noah Bank press release

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) -- $1,000 bonuses to 47,500 employees; an additional $1,500 in employee pension accounts; base wage hike to $15; $200 million charitable contribution:

"The tax reform law creates an opportunity to reward our employees who are working hard each day to serve our customers, build strong relationships in our communities and create long-term value for our shareholders," said William S. Demchak, PNC's chairman, president and chief executive officer. "The Board's decision to recognize our employees and support our communities is reflective of our commitment to PNC's success." –  Dec. 22 2017, PNC press release

Apple (There are nine Apple store locations in PA: Ardmore, King of Prussia, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Whitehall, Willow Grove, and three locations in Pittsburgh) -- $2,500 employee bonuses in the form of restricted stock units; nationally, $30 billion in additional capital expenditures.

AT&T -- $1,000 bonuses to 2,141 Pennsylvania employees; Nationwide, $1 billion increase in capital expenditures.

Bank of America (Multiple locations in Pennsylvania) -- PA-based employees of Bank of America will receive $1,000 bonuses.

Cintas Corporation (Multiple locations in Pennsylvania) -- $1,000 bonuses for employees of at least a year, $500 bonuses for employees of less than a year.

Chipotle Mexican Grill (Multiple locations in Pennsylvania) – Bonuses ranging from $250 to $1,000; increased employee benefits; Nationwide, $50 million investment in existing restaurants.

Home Depot -- 70 locations in Pennsylvania, bonuses for all hourly employees, up to $1,000

Lowe's --13,000 employees at 84 stores and two distribution centers in Pennsylvania. Employees will receive bonuses of up to $1,000 based on length of service; expanded benefits and maternity/parental leave; $5,000 of adoption assistance.

Ryder (Twenty-eight locations in Pennsylvania) – Tax reform bonuses for employees.

Starbucks Coffee Company (Multiple locations in Pennsylvania) – $500 stock grants for all employees, $2,000 stock grants for store managers, and varying plan and support center employee stock grants. Nationally, 8,000 new retail jobs, an additional wage increase this year, totaling approximately $120 million in wage increases, increased sick time benefits, and parental leave.

U-Haul (Multiple locations in Pennsylvania) – $1,200 bonuses for full-time employees, $500 for part-time employees.

Walmart – 63 locations in PennsylvaniaWalmart employees are receiving tax reform bonuses. Nationally, base wage increase for all hourly employees to $11; bonuses of up to $1,000; expanded maternity and parental leave; $5,000 for adoption expenses.

Wells Fargo – 260 locations in Pennsylvania; raised base wage from $13.50 to $15.00 per hour; Nationlly, $400 million in charitable donations for 2018; $100 million increased capital investment over the next three years.

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