The Penn & Teller BS episode entitled “Taxes” will premier this Thursday, August 6, at 10 p.m. on Showtime.
In the episode preview, Huffington Post founding editor Roy Seacoff, states that “the government is us” and says paying taxes is “patriotic”. Wait, taxes means paying ourselves money (since we are the government)?!  And taxes are patriotic (right Roy?)?!…
Penn & Teller will expose left wing tax enthusiasts Thursday night, with the help of Americans for Tax Reform and ATR President Grover Norquist.
The show’s camera crews made a special trip to Capitol Hill to attempt to interview representatives such as Henry Waxman and Charlie Rangel. They ducked, dove, and dodged, to avoid answering simple questions about our tax system. However, some representatives, such as Ron Paul, stepped up to the plate and responded.
Penn & Teller BS is in its 7th season on Showtime. The show has torpedoed the ridiculous and invasive policies of government, from gun control to global warming; and will tackle the heart of it all, taxes, on Thursday night.
The Penn & Teller BS schedule can be viewed here
The “Taxes” episode will be aired on Showtime at these dates and times:
08/06     10:00 PM        Taxes
08/07     10:00 PM         Taxes
08/07     10:30 PM         Taxes
08/08     12:45 AM         Taxes
08/08     01:45 AM         Taxes
08/09     11:00 PM         Taxes
08/09     12:00 AM         Taxes
08/10     12:00 AM         Taxes