The Pelosi-Obama-Reid troika is looking to put taxpayers on the hook for paying for their trillion dollar spending plan under the guise of economic “stimulus”.   Taxpayers, who have already been saddled with a series of government bailouts in recent months, cannot afford this bloated spending package riddled with pork-barrel spending that will do nothing to “stimulate” the economy.
Consider this analogy:
Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Harry Reid are standing on one side of a lake, the water levels of which are low. They each take a bucket full of water out of the lake, walk around to the other side, and hold a press conference as they pour the water back into the lake. Does anyone believe the water level of the lake is now higher than it was before? 
Every dollar the government spends it takes out of the economy, either in the form of higher taxes, or debt. Factor in how efficient government runs things like Amtrak or the post office, and you’ll realize that the buckets Pelosi, Obama and Reid are carrying have holes in them, too.
It is time to stop taking more money out of the productive sector of the economy to throw political favors in the form of hand-picked projects with dubious merits! If the goal is to stimulate the ailing economy, Congress should reject this ill-conceived spending package and enact meaningful tax cuts instead.