Kansans are beginning to see much needed tax relief. Gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis (D), however, wants to freeze the current tax rates where they are at rather than letting them phase down further. This would slap a massive $341.4 million tax hike on hard working Kansans over the next five years, stopping the Kansas recovery in its tracks.

ATR has previously taken on erroneous claims by Davis and his allies, proving that the Brownback tax cuts 1) are working and 2) have not caused a state revenue shortfall.

Kansans have already seen their income tax brackets consolidated from three to two rates. Governor Brownback slashed rates from 6.45, 6.25, and 3.5 percent down to 4.9 and 3 percent. These rates will continue to drop down to 3.9 and 2.3 percent, letting the hard workers of Kansas keep more of what they earn.

If the Brownback tax rates continue to drop as scheduled, the average household, which makes about $65,000 a year, will save an additional $417 a year for a grand total of $752 saved a year. If Paul Davis doesn’t believe $417 can go a long way to help a household buy food, pay a mortgage, or send their kid to college then he certainly is out of touch with Kansas.

Having previously opposed tax reform in Kansas, Davis now proposes to freeze the current rates, while remaining conveniently silent on whether he is open to returning to the old, higher tax rates . Davis has a fairly consistent record of defending the status quo income tax rate, whatever it happens to be at the time. So what tax rate does Davis actually want?

Governor Sam Brownback has laid out a clear vision for economic prosperity. With an unemployment rate down to 4.9 percent, Kansas is besting its neighbors of Colorado and Missouri and quickly closing the gap with Oklahoma. Additionally, Kansans have seen their disposable personal income increase over 10.8% per capita since 2010.

Call Paul Davis at 785-296-7630 and tell him you don’t want your taxes increased.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons