Ohio Republicans have proposed two new bills that aim to eliminate the state’s income tax by 2030. Two new bills, proposed by Sen. George Lang and Sen. Steve Huffman, and Rep. Adam Matthews and Rep. Brian Lampton, would phase out the state income tax and commercial activities tax over the next few years.

The report, “Buckeye Blueprint: Tax Reform in Ohio,” from the Buckeye Institute and Americans for Prosperity Ohio found a 10-year income tax phaseout would result in $12.9 billion in economic growth and the creation of 81,000 jobs. Ohioans may be seeing this supercharged economy come to fruition.

Over the course of the last decade, Republican legislators have been working towards this historic move – they’ve been steadily cutting the income tax since 2005. More recently, in 2021, the state passed a $1.6 billion reduction in the state income tax, the largest personal income tax cut in state history at the time. Then, in 2023, legislators passed an even larger $1.9 billion tax cut.

Ohio residents have been reaping the benefits: every income group in Ohio received a tax cut, utility bills were lowered significantly, and Ohio businesses of all sizes have since been expanding.

These exciting new proposals would alleviate an enormous burden on Ohioans. If passed, the Buckeye state could become the 8th state to eliminate state income tax – depending on what other states do.