First, check out this astounding video of Gov. Pat Quinn attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady on his alleged "fuzzy math":

The money quote: "If you're running for governor and you want to be a good governor, you've got to tell the people the truth before the election…I want to be a governor that tells the truth all the time, before and after the election."

Seriously? This is coming from the guy with the secret plan to raise taxes after the election. The guy who scrambled to quash the comments of his rogue budget director who blurted out the administration's plan for a $6 billion post-election tax increase.

Bill Brady is the candidate in this race who has been consistently honest about his stance on taxes. He signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a commitment to oppose and veto all tax increases, and has stuck by that promise. Gov. Quinn, on the other hand, failed in two separate attempts to raise income taxes, and now has covert plans to try for his biggest tax hike yet…but not until after the election.

I'm not so sure he'll make it through to act on his hypocrisy.