WASHINGTON-  David Biddulph, past Chairman of Florida\’s Tax Cap Committee, issued the following statement today regarding the state of the Presidential election in Florida:
"Isn\’t it a monumental waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars for a sore loser to drag out a problematic and inefficient hand recount past the lawful deadline?
"If every sore loser could demand recounts until they won, would taxpayers have anything left to feed their families?
"I believe President Elect Bush should go about the business of transition and the loser, according to Florida law, should be an adult and stop the costly and illegal recounting.
"The cost of a recount could cost millions.  Why should taxpayers be asked to involuntarily fund an illegal recount when there has been no evidence of fraud and all election laws have been followed? I think it\’s time to stop taking taxpayer dollars for an illegal recount just to sooth a sore loser and move on.enough is enough."