RI Zirkel

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) submitted testimony today in support of Rhode Island’s H 5548, legislation that enacts common-sense regulations on life saving reduced risk tobacco alternatives.

ATR Director of Consumer Issues, Tim Andrews, wrote: “This pro-science bill would have a positive impact upon public health throughout the State, and lead to a clear decrease in tobacco-related deaths.

Andrews noted the growing body of research illustrating the effectiveness of vapor products as a harm reduction tool for adults looking to quit smoking which is 95% safer than traditional combustible tobacco. Extrapolating from an analysis conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center, over 25,000 lives would be saved if a majority of Rhode Island smokers were to make the switch to vaping,

Andrews stated: “People smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar produced by the combustion process. Switching to vaping provides addicts with the nicotine, without the deadly side effects of smoking, and it is a public heath imperative to help as many smokers as possible to make the switch.

Andrews continued: “Studies have repeatedly shown that flavors, which H 5548 allows for, are critical to helping adult smokers make the switch to vaping. As demonstrated by a recent study from ten of the world’s top experts in cancer prevention and public health, adults who use flavored vapor products are 43% more likely to quit smoking than an adult who uses un-flavored products.

Andrews concluded: “The evidence clearly shows that H 5548 would save over 25,000 lives and we commend Representatives Alzate, Casimiro, Noret, and Vella Wilkinson for their vital leadership in this matter.

The full testimony can be read here.