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June 5, 2012

Dear Conferee,

On behalf of the millions of members and followers of our organizations, we urge you to ensure that Keystone XL Pipeline approval language is included in the final version of the Highway Bill. 

Given President Obama’s successive moves to block construction of the pipeline—and the thousands of jobs, increased energy security, and economic activity tethered to the project—Congress must override the President and approve the Keystone Pipeline. 

Constructing the Keystone pipeline would safely and immediately create 20,000 construction jobs, buttress America’s refining industry, and increase American energy security. Remarkably, these benefits remain in limbo with Obama scared to affront radical environmentalists during this election year.

The Keystone Pipeline has been thoroughly vetted by numerous federal agencies and successfully made its way through the federal rigmarole only to be killed in the 11th hour. Past concerns from the state of Nebraska have been assuaged; the governor recently signed a bill into law that resumes the review process of a new route.

Facing persistently high unemployment and a stagnant economy, Obama’s inhibitive policies necessitate Congressional remedy. Again, we urge you to jumpstart the American economy by ensuring the Keystone XL Pipeline is included in the final version of the transportation bill.


Americans for Tax Reform                                
Citizen Outreach
National Center for Public Policy Research
Let Freedom Ring
Less Government
Gun Owners of America
Frontiers of Freedom
Hispanic Leadership Fund
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Americans for Prosperity
National Taxpayers Union
American Commitment
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste