Last week, ATR endorsed the House GOP alternative to H.R. 3926, the Pelosi healthcare bill.  Below are the major provisions of this alternative:

219 pages (compared to 1990 pages for House Democrat bill, H.R. 3926)

Uses the word “shall” 362 times (as opposed to 3,424 times in the House Democrat bill)

Major Provisions

  • HSA improvements, including:
  1. Saver’s credit can be used for HSA contributions
  2. HSA funds can be used to pay for insurance
  3. Greater coordination between HSA administrators and insurance companies
  4. HSA funds can be used for medical expenses incurred after insurance is bought but before HSA is opened 
  • Let individuals purchase health insurance across state lines (a.k.a. “Shadegg bill”) 
  • Association health plans (AHPs) to allow businesses and other groups to pool together across state lines to purchase coverage 
  • Medical malpractice tort reform 
  • Improve state high risk pools to give hard-to-insure people a place to buy affordable insurance 
  • Give cash rewards to states who find ways to lower health insurance premium cost growth 
  • Allow auto-enrollment for health plans at work 
  • Allows companies to incentivize wellness programs 
  • Ends federally-controlled comparative effectiveness research 
  • Beefs up fraud enforcement in Medicare and Medicaid 
  • Abortion funding restriction and conscience clause protection
  • Gives increased patent benefits to follow-on biologics

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