Cover Oregon is kicking it old school. Instead of relying on people to apply online, Rocky King, the executive director, wants applicants to apply on a 20 page paper application, and fax it in.

Oregon received $305 million to build a website, which according to the CMS website part of the funding was meant to cover the costs associated with “testing, training, and implementation of the IT user interface.” Nothing about fax machines.

As reported by Portland CBS affiliate KOIN, the state exchange has received 30,000 paper applications:

“KOIN 6 News confirmed Cover Oregon has added dozens of extra fax lines to handle the paper applications being sent in by fax. On Wednesday, King said they had received about 24,000 paper applications.

That number now is closer to 30,000. But many people complained of busy signals when trying to send in their application by fax.”

As Representative Anna Eshoo once said “This is the 21st century. It’s 2013. There are thousands of websites that care far more traffic and do work.”