Bruce Goldberg, interim Cover Oregon head, is so overwhelmed with problems with the Obamacare exchange website he is considering scrapping all or part of the system. The system cost $305,206,587 million in federal taxpayer dollars and over two years to build. The development comes in the wake of reports from last Friday that Oregon hasn’t even had one Obamacare enrollee. Goldberg said that within the next two to three months he will make the decision on whether to begin incorporating systems used by other states or to just move over to the federal exchange completely.

Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, called for an end of Cover Oregon:

“This is the most embarrassing train wreck I've ever seen. I’ve lost all faith in Cover Oregon. I’ve lost all faith in the website I think Cover Oregon’s credibility with the public has been damaged irreparably, meaning they’re not gonna sign up. All of these things lead one to the conclusion that perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel.”

Cover Oregon also spent $3.2 million of a $9.9 million contract that aired an acid-trip like TV ad that encouraged Oregonians to “get covered.” Back in November in order to combat the hundreds of problems the website was experiencing, the organization asked enrollees to print out an over 20 page application and fax it in in order to enroll. The move took out an estimated fifteen 60-foot pine trees with it. Cover Oregon hired 400 workers to process the paper applications and cost the state’s taxpayers an additional $3.3 million.

Oregon can’t “fly with our own wings, dreaming all the big dreams!” if the website can’t even function well enough to get a single enrollee.