The Commonwealth Foundation reports on the aftermath of a vote last week, where the Pennsylvania House voted to increase the marriage license fee from $3 to $28 turning it into an effective marriage tax. The justification was the money would be used to fund domestic programs by the Department of Public Welfare.

When State Representative & Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signor Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, together with family groups like the Pennsylvania Family Institute, opposed this tax hike, how did the left react? 

By saing that Rep. Metcalfe saying he supports domestic violence. No really, they actually said that. They actually sunk so low as to say that Rep. Metcalfe "clearly has a problem with preventing domestic violence in Pennsylvania."

As the Commonwealth Foundation concludes, "Basically, if you oppose a new tax on marriage, you must beat your wife. Furthermore, it remains unclear if the funding from this tax goes to programs which are effective at preventing domestic violence, or how exactly the funding would be used. Most likely, it goes to the advocacy organizations which make up Keystone Progress’s member – groups like ACORN."

Gutter politics & smear attacks; the trademark of the modern left.