The IRS now owns six million rounds of ammunition, an increase of one million rounds of ammo since public figures were last released in 2018, according to an article published Tuesday in the professional tax journal Tax Notes.

Republican members of congress have been trying to pry this information out of the IRS, but the IRS stonewalled even though it had the information at hand.

While ignoring members of congress, the IRS had no problem giving the information to reporters at Tax Notes.

Reporters Jonathan Curry and Doug Sword write:

When asked for an update on IRS weaponry, Criminal Investigation division spokeswoman Carissa Cutrell promptly shared with Tax Notes that the agency has about 4,200 pistols, shotguns, and rifles and 6 million rounds of ammunition for those weapons.

The article notes that the six million figure “represents a 21 percent increase in its stash of ammunition.”

Reporters Curry and Sword write that the gun and ammo data is current as of Nov. 28, specifically: “4,229 firearms — 3,180 pistols, 641 rifles, and 408 shotguns — and roughly 6 million rounds of ammo.”

Biden-appointed IRS chief Daniel Werfel had promised to be open and forthcoming in his dealings with congress. This has not been achieved.

Congressional investigators will no doubt be interested to know why the newly enlarged, taxpayer-funded IRS has ignored them. They may also want to know why the agency has stockpiled one million additional rounds of ammunition.

Stay tuned to for updates.