Wallets and bank accounts of Louisiana residents in danger

WASHINGTON–  Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is disappointed to learn that Gov. Mike Foster (R-LA) is planning to inundate the Louisiana State Legislature with a barrage of tax proposals. From harsh sales taxes to discriminatory sin taxes and all taxes in between, the taxpayers of Louisiana are in danger of having their pockets picked by the government.
With an apparent budget crisis looming, Gov. Foster has decided to raise existing taxes, restore outdated taxes, and create new taxes to close the deficit as state spending spirals upward. Instead of trimming the budget, restraining the increase in the rate of spending, or reforming the tax code to encourage growth and investment, Gov. Foster has decided expand the reach of government and force the people of Louisiana to foot the bill.
"Individually, any one of the taxes Foster is considering would be objectionable," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.  "But taken as a whole, Gov. Foster\’s tax agenda is absolutely unconscionable.  Louisiana deserves better than the same old tax and spend policies."
Many of the taxes Foster advocates are anti-growth and regressive. For example, he plans to call a special session of the Legislature in March for the purpose of renewing Louisiana\’s 3% sales tax on food and utility bills-a tax that disproportionately affects poor people.  In addition, he may attempt to implement a tax on Louisiana\’s oil refinery industry, a vital sector of Louisiana\’s economy. Foster is also considering enacting a European-style Value Added Tax (also known as a Single Business Tax), which slaps a levy on a product after its value has been increased-that is, whenever workers do their job. The VAT has shackled the economies of every nation that ratified it by artificially raising the cost of labor.  Louisiana would be no exception.