Tomorrow is primary day in Ohio. The following incumbents and challengers in Ohio have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have taken a written promise never to raise their constituents’ taxes. Americans for Tax Reform strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made a written commitment to their constituents through the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Incumbents Challengers Challengers (cont.)
OH-02 Jean Schmidt (R) OH-Sen Rob Portman (R) OH-16 James Renacci (R)
OH-03 Mike Turner(R) OH-01 Steve Chabot (R) OH-16 Dennis Barton (R)
OH-04 Jim Jordan (R) OH-06 Andy Thompson (R) OH-16 Paul Schiffe (R)
OH-05 Bob Latta (R) OH-09 Jack Smith (R) OH-16 Matt Miller (R)
OH-06 Steve Austria (R) OH-09 RIch Iott (R) OH-17 M.E. Henderson (R)
OH-08 John Boehner (R) OH-13 Tom Ganley (R) OH-18 Bob Gibbs (R)
OH-12 Pat Tiberi (R) OH-13 Jason Meade (R) OH-18 Jeanette Moll (R)
OH-14 Steve LaTourette (R) OH-15 John Adams (R) OH-18 Fred Dailey (R)
  OH-15 Steve Stivers (R)  


Incumbents Challengers Challengers (cont.)
Tim Grendell (S-18) Dave Yost (Att. General) David Macko (H-17)
John Adams (H-78) Joe LeMaster (S-5) Jeff Mayle (H-2)
William G. Batchelder (H-69) Cas Adulewicz (H-95) Robert John Tarasiak (H-99)
Terry L. Blair (H-38) Terry Blair (H-38) Daniel Thimons (H-60)
David T. Daniels (H-86) Carolyn J. Eyre (H-48) Bill Todd (H-20)
Dan Dodd (H-91) Bruce Goodwin (H-74) Ron Young (H-63)
Matt Huffman (H-4) Beth Lear (H-2) Victoria Zwissler (H-28)
Jared Martin (H-70) Ron Maag (H-35)  
Ron Maag (H-35)    
Jeff McClain (H-82)    


Update: Dave Yost signed the Pledge when he was running for Attorney General. He has since abandoned that race and is running for Auditor. ATR did not receive a Pledge from Yost for the Auditors race.