The Ohio Senate will soon be releasing their version of the budget, hopefully it spares Ohioans more than Governor Strickland and the Democrat House’s budgets.  The Democrat House took Governor Strickland’s budget and added over $1.5 billion to it, in the meantime counting on a raid of the Rainy Day Fund to do so.  Governor Strickland’s plan already relies on about $5 billion of one time federal "stimulus" and over $1 billion in "fee" increases, many of which are tax increases.  After passing this budget of over $112 billion in spending for FY2010/2011, the Governor came out saying that Ohio will be running $2 billion overspending problem just a month in to the upcoming budget.
Politics of the budget:  It makes sense that Governor Strickland may want to put off dealing with a bloated budget.  The federal money would get Ohio through the next two years (maybe), and it will help the Governor put off the real problem (overspending) until after his election cycle.  Will using this revenue create a false safety net for the the FY2010/2011 that will only be headed down the river toward unruly waters in the future?  Will he be more open to tax increases if he can get through the next two years?  For the sake of all the taxpayers in Ohio, they make cuts and get rid of waste now in order to lift the burden of the government now.  If they do not lead by living within their means now, the taxpayers may be looking at big problems around the bend.    
The taxpayers of Ohio will be watching to see if the Senate comes up with something better.
Click here to see ATR’s letter to the Senate encouraging them to seek reforms that will save money and avoid tax hikes rather than putting off overspending problems and clinging to "fee" increases. 
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