The Competitive Enterprise Institute thinks so and today “filed suit to force the Treasury Department to release more than 7,300 emails believed to discuss a new ‘carbon tax’ Obama administration allies in Congress are expected to propose in the upcoming lame duck session.”

The CEI press release continues, “the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., seeks emails on official government accounts that CEI had requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  Treasury has said nothing about this topic publicly, but the existence of such extensive email traffic likely reflects serious ongoing discussions between Treasury officials, outside pressure groups and other special interests groups.”

For more on CEI’s lawsuit, click here.

The trillion dollar question
Since assuming office four years ago, President Obama has overseen annual trillion dollar deficits. Showing no signs of curbing record levels of federal spending, President Obama and the Democrat Party are searching for new sources of tax revenue to finance a bloated government.