In January, the Obama Administration the$787 billion so-called “stimulus” would “create or save” 2.5 million jobs immediately, and 4.1 million jobs by 2010. It was claimed the “stimulus” plan would lead to an unemployment rate of below 8 percent.

It is only fair to judge the President’s plan on the benchmark’s he himself set. Unemployment should now be well below 8%.
(Source: Greg Mankiw)

In fact, since the Stimulus, 2.74 million jobs have been lost, at a cost of $287,226.28 per job

And, African American teenage male unemployment is at 48percent, Labor force participation is the lowest since 1984 at only 64.6 percent, In the past year, business investment as fallen 19 percent, and new hires have fallen 17 percent.
In late 2009, Vice-President Biden said that the “stimulus” had worked beyond his “wildest dreams.” If this is success, one can not even begin to comprehend failure.
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