16 reasons

March Madness is around the corner, and Obamacare is just in time to put a damper on all the fun.  That’s right, the White House is dumping loads of resources into a March Madness media campaign, teaming up with basketball stars like Lebron James.  And just when we thought that the White House couldn’t be more tacky, they’ve created their own bracket called “The 16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered,” where people can vote for their favorite thing about Obamacare, illustrated with GIFs.  Below are some of the bracket choices, and why they are actually a raw deal for American taxpayers. 


Ah, another Obama policy aimed at “fairness.”  But if Obama was really concerned with fairness, women would pay more for healthcare simply because women use more healthcare.  Women tend to be smaller, and more prone to injuries.  Women visit their doctor more frequently.  They take advantage of preventative screenings more often than men.  Maternity and newborn care alone costs on average over $32,000 per child! And to top it off, women live longer, and therefore consume more costly healthcare in their old age.  So why shouldn’t they pay more? 


Just because patients aren’t paying for their birth control doesn’t make it free.  Pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to freely hand out contraceptives like Halloween candy.  Someone is paying for it—and that someone is the taxpayers, either through taxpayer funded subsidies or higher premiums.  Worse yet, it is expected that birth control costs will increase under the contraceptive mandate.  Because birth control is provided at no cost to the patient, there is no incentive to choose the generic brand over the name brand. The forces of competition will no longer apply, putting upward inflationary pressure on the price of birth control.  The contraceptive mandate just forks over more taxpayer money to drug companies.  


Do you live a healthy lifestyle?  Do you eat your vegetables and exercise?  Do you make good choices like limiting your alcohol consumption and not smoking?  Because of your healthy lifestyle, you are less at risk for heart disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes, and a slew of other highly preventable illnesses.  So that means you should pay less for health insurance, right?  Unfortunately under Obamacare, insurance companies can’t charge higher prices for individuals with preexisting conditions.  That means that every health-conscious individual is being forced to subsidize other individuals that have made poor life choices.  We’re rewarding bad health decisions, and punishing good health decisions.  How backwards is that for a healthcare system? 


Again, nothing is free.  In the words of the rock band Rush, “you can’t get something for nothing.”  Pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to hand out free drugs.  Health insurance companies aren’t going to pay the doctors and hospitals for you out of the kindness of their corporate hearts.  Obamacare, like all government welfare programs, is paid for or subsidized by the taxpayers.  It’s important to remember that every dollar the government spends was taken from the people.