Americans are now finally finding out what is in the Affordable Care Act, as per Mrs. Pelosi’s wishes, and the reality of the law has begun to sink in. It seems like every aspect of the law was expertly designed to crash and burn more thoroughly than the Hindenburg. But while premiums rise, quality falls, and’s security burns, it is important to look at some alternatives.

In a piece for the Richmond Times Dispatch, ATR’s Paul Blair co-authored a piece with the Thomas Jefferson Institute’s Mike Thompson to explain some of the problems with Obamacare and a viable alternative sponsored by members of the Republican Study Committee.

“Since went live on Oct. 1 of last year, at least 4.7 million Americans have received health insurance cancellation notices. This number does not include figures from nearly 20 states, including Virginia, that do not track or are not providing the data.”

Additionally, millions are suffering the high costs of subsidizing millions of Americans:

“Millions more Americans who were lucky enough to keep their health insurance received notices that their premiums were dramatically increasing. It has become clear that a horribly designed $600 million website isn’t Obamacare’s only problem.”

Fortunately, supporters of this disastrous law are finding it increasingly difficult to claim that there are no alternatives,

“[House Resolution 3121] would repeal Obamacare, saving taxpayers billions of dollars by immediately eliminating the 20 new or higher taxes that were signed into law in 2010…The bill expands health savings accounts (HSAs), increases health insurance portability for those with pre-existing conditions, and includes medical malpractice reforms that would cap attorneys’ fees and non-economic damages that drive up the cost of care in the current system. This alternative also allows individuals and families to deduct health care expenses, a benefit only allowed by companies now.”

These tax cuts and provisions would put millions of families across the United States in better footing to weather the current sluggish economic climate. The status quo, on the other hand is a cliché Big Government response to a free market problem

“Obamacare is not decreasing costs, but doing the opposite. That’s because Obamacare was a typical Washington one-size-fits-all approach with mandates that do not fit each consumer’s true needs. There is no reason, for example, that men and elderly women purchase coverage for prenatal care.”

So in response to President Obama’s insistence on an “alternative”

“Republicans have presented alternatives such as HR 3121 and the president should sit down with them and figure out how to fix this broken law.”

Democrats should see the writing on the wall and scrap a program that has been harming American families since its enactment.