During the first presidential debate, President Obama cited the world renowned Cleveland Clinic as an example of what’s right with America’s healthcare system. The Cleveland Clinic “provide[s] great care cheaper than average,” and “do[es] some smart things,” Obama said. So how is the Clinic rewarded? By being forced to cut over 300 million dollars from its annual budget and lay off employees, thanks to Obamacare related costs. Talk about awkward.

As the Clinic prepares for Obamacare, it remains unknown how many of the 44,000 employees are at risk of losing their jobs. A Clinic official commented that, “We know we are going to be reimbursed less,” in reference to the Obamacare mandated expansion of Medicaid. This is a large source of the new costs imposed on the Clinic and other healthcare providers. Obamacare forces providers to treat more people for less money; this is a recipe for economic disaster.

The Cleveland Clinic’s innovative physician-based model pays physicians based on performance not services, so doctors have no financial incentive to order meaningless tests and procedures. Further, doctors only sign one year contracts to ensure they always provide top-notch service. These are the “smart things” Obama alluded to. These are the sorts of reforms that America needs, not 20 new or higher taxes, or limited access to watered-down insurance plans.

The American people understand how devastating this law will be to healthcare providers and employers like the Cleveland Clinic, that’s why several grassroots movements have emerged ready to fight against Obamacare. ATR urges all taxpayers to sign two petitions: one champions an effort led by Sen. David Vitter (R-La) to end the government healthcare subsidies to members of Congress and their staff; the other demands a full one year delay of Obamacare to allow more time for businesses and families to prepare for changes in America’s healthcare system.

Obama was right when he said that the Cleveland Clinic is an institution whose model should be emulated all across America. Sadly, the organization that represents the best of America’s healthcare system will suffer because of a law that represents the worst of Washington, DC. The employees of the Cleveland Clinic do not deserve to lose their jobs because of Obamacare. It’s time for real healthcare reform that rewards organizations like the Cleveland Clinic instead of punishing them.