A new report today in the Daily Mail finally answered a question the Obama Administration would not for the past 10 days—namely, how many people have successfully enrolled in Obamacare’s federal “exchange” website healthcare.gov.

The answer is a paltry 51,000.  To put that in context, it’s a small fraction of one percent of the uninsured population.  It falls far short of the 7 million enrollment figure that is widely believed to be the administration’s goal.

The cost to taxpayers is staggering.  According to reports, taxpayers have footed the bill for $363 million to get this “glitchy” exchange enrollment website off the ground.  That comes out to $7118 per enrollee thus far.  This gives a whole new meaning to “waste, fraud, and abuse.”

For the past 10 days, the Obama Administration has engaged in a coordinated campaign to cover up, duck questions, and otherwise obfuscate the truth about how many people have chosen to enroll in Obamacare.  ATR has kept record of every administration quote denying to the public knowledge about the website taxpayers themselves paid for.  Now we know why.  51,000 people is the turnout figure for a baseball game, not a national health insurance scheme.

ATR President Grover Norquist observed, “We are not on track for anything like seven million [enrollees]. New Coke was retired for being a smaller disappointment.”