Despite the Obama administration’s recent attempts to sell Obamacare to the American people, there is one damning fact that is still lingering: people are not signing up. According to a report released this week by the Department of Health and Human Services, fewer than 365,000 have signed up for insurance through CNBC writes:

The two-month tally in private Obamacare health plans—which came after October saw just 106,185 enrollments nationwide—was dramatically lower than the 1.2 million people that officials had predicted just before the troubled Oct. 1 launch of the government-run marketplaces. It's also far off the pace needed to reach the 7 million total that officials had predicted would be signed up via federal- or state-run insurance marketplaces by the March 31.

However, even the 365,000 number is grossly misleading. Secretary Sebelius has chosen to count individuals who have chosen a plan, but not paid for it, as "enrollees" to Obamacare. In a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois rightfully called those numbers “fraudulent”. Rep. Shimkus went on to provide a helpful example about whether counts the items in a potential buyers’ shopping cart or wish list as purchases (spoiler: they do not). This clearly illustrates the questionable accounting being done by the Administration to trump up these abysmal numbers.

Furthermore, Secretary Sebelius has previously stated that the administration’s goal was to "enroll" 7 million individuals in Obamacare by the end of March, calling it a “realistic goal”. That claim is patently false and essentially a mathematical impossibility.

Obamacare’s approval is at a dismal 39%, 4.7 million Americans have received cancellation notices in regards to their health insurance, and glitch prone is a black hole for taxpayer dollars. It’s no wonder that Americans are keeping Obamacare’s bad medicine at arms-length from themselves and their families.