The current House Democrat Proposal has three main elements to it:
1)An “Employer Mandate”: The government will force all employers to pay for health benefits for workers. If they don’t, they’ll be hit with higher taxes. Businesses will struggle under rising costs, leading to less people being hired – the worst possible thing during this economic downturn.
2)A Government  Run Health Care System: The Federal Government will set up a body to run your health care. Because resources will be limited, health care will be severely rationed. Government bureaucrats will be making your health care choices for you. To make matters worse, because it will be so heavily taxpayer subsidized, many private insurance providers will be priced out of the market, and soon you’ll be forced to join the government system – whether you like it or not
3)An “Individual Mandate”: You’ll be forced to adopt individual coverage – whether you like it or not! If you choose not to, you’ll be hit with – you guessed it – more taxes. Plus, provisions of the House Plan will force you to join the government run plan if you leave a private plan for some time – effectively forcing all individual health insurance providers out of the market.
The cost to the taxpayer? Over 1 Trillion dollars.  
Worse Health Care. Higher Costs. It’s just not worth it.