Americans for Tax Reform once again presents these handy Bingo cards you may use to check off terms and phrases likely to be used during President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.  As a bonus, print out the different versions of the card and watch the speech with your friends or family.  There are ten different versions! 

How to Play:

1) Make sure you "Like" ATR on Facebook and follow ATR on Twitter and be linked to the ATR Page.

2) Print out as many of the Obama Bingo cards listed below as you like.

3) Watch the ATR Facebook Page and Twitter account as we call out the Bingo terms as the president reveals them.

5) If one of your cards wins, post "Obama Bingo!” and the winning card number to ATR's Facebook wall.  A representative will contact you shortly for an address to mail your prize! 

[Bingo is qualified by any five consecutively filled spaces (including the Government subsidized “free space”)  vertically, horizontally or diagonally]

Click on any of the links below and print your card now!

[Obama BINGO Card 1] [Obama BINGO Card 2]

[Obama BINGO Card 3] [Obama BINGO Card 4]

[Obama BINGO Card 5] [Obama BINGO Card 6]

[Obama BINGO Card 7] [Obama BINGO Card 8]

[Obama BINGO Card 9] [Obama BINGO Card 10]