Obama says unions don’t have to report conflicts of interest? Really!?!

In a recent decision from the Obama Administration, the president rolled back the requirement for unions to report potential conflicts of interest using the Form LM-30 provided by the Department of Labor.

Really!?! Because unions are the beacon of financial purity and integrity right? Really!?!

I guess passing Ledbetter for the trial lawyers and then not being able to pass EFCA for the unions probably has them calling you more than Sen. Specter questions his party affiliation (note: he’s switching).

But telling unions they don’t have to report potential conflicts of interest is like giving the "green light" for Soprano’s – the real-life reality show.

You don’t think dues paying union workers should know if Tommy the Wrench is using his brother Jimmy No-Neck to manage the pension funds out of his sister’s bank? Really!?! Seriously? You’re ok with that? You don’t see the need for anyone to report something like this? This is just "business as usual" huh? Really!?!

In the misdst of a financial crisis largely believed to be caused by several conflicts of interest and political kick-backs – in the middle of all this – you think we need LESSoversignt and transparency? Really!?! Didn’t you run on that? REALLY!?!

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