Team Obama has added a cute new re-education tool to its portal. Entitled “Setting the Record Straight”, it promises to un-teach us all the scary facts we have learned about health care. For example, the page helpfully explains that:

“Republicans claim that health insurance reform would explode the deficit, when in fact the President has repeatedly said that reform must be deficit-neutral.  They have also warned that reform will lead to rationing, a claim that ‘fall[s] apart on close scrutiny.’”
Wow! Not only did the president say reform “must” be deficit neutral, but he said it repeatedly! I guess that completely negates any actual analysis of the bill, like the CBO’s report that shows that the House health bill will add $1 trillion in new spending and at least $202 billion to the national debt by 2019. If the CBO had added this variable into their report, Republican scaremonger Obama campaign contributer and CBO Director Doug Elmendorf would never have claimed that health reform proposals were severely straining the budget.
Ah, the power of words. Why won’t you use your powers for awesome, President Obama? Tell my boss that I must get a raise. Tell the metro that it must not be so crowded every morning. Tell the economy that it must recover. Seriously, it’s that easy!