Barack Obama

An ABC News/Washington Post Poll released Wednesday reveals the lowest support for the Democrat Party in 30 years and the lowest approval for President Obama since he took office. Americans are unhappy with many of his positions, contributing to Obama’s approval rating this week falling to 40%, the lowest of his career. Although Obama is not on the ballot this November (unfortunately), he has said himself that his policies are. A vote for a Democrat is a show of continuing support for Obama’s failed presidency.

With weakening support for Obama’s policies across the board, it is hard to point to any one particular area that most highlights the problems under his leadership. However, Obama’s unpopularity seems to stem from the stagnant recovery. More Americans describe their finances as “not as well off” (30%) instead of “better off” (22%) since Obama became president, with 77 percent of respondents worried about the country’s economic future. With 37% of registered voters naming “the economy and jobs” as the single most important issue in their vote for Congress, the Democrats are in trouble. Almost four times as many Americans now describe the standard of living in the country as getting worse as opposed to getting better (57% vs 16%). Americans see the country on the wrong track, with Obama supervising the train wreck.

As Democrat candidates seek to distance themselves from Obama’s sinking ship, they must worry about the diminishing support for Democrat policies as well. Obama now sees career lows in his handling of:

  • Immigration (29%)
  • International Affairs (37%)
  • Terrorism (42%)
  • The ISIS situation, dropping 15 percentage points in the last two weeks (35%)

Obama’s unsuccessful agenda will be on the ballot this November. With Obama and his Democrat policies at their most unpopular, Americans this election have an opportunity to steer our country back in the right direction.