According to public data compiled by Americans for Tax Reform, the Obama administration has spent a minimum of $4.5 billion in federal taxpayer dollars on state Obamacare websites. The money was funneled through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of the Kathleen Sebelius-run Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

CMS distributed the taxpayer dollars to states in several waves of grants. According to CMS data, federal taxpayer funds were shoveled to states for a variety of vague purposes:

“preparations to demonstrate operational readiness”

“Provide assistance to hire staff and consultants”

“continue and complete current planning and implementation efforts”

“secure staff consultants and expert resources and actively engage stakeholders”

“marketplace IT system design and development costs including IT consultants and privacy and security consultants.”

“hire executive leadership to: (1) further operationalize the Exchange to; (2) further enhance the IT Systems needed to operate the Exchange”

“IT components fully extensible and scalable to any other jurisdiction.”

Below is a summary table of how much CMS spent in each state. The hyperlinks embedded in each respective state name leads to the CMS grant details for that state.

State Total Amount
Alabama $9,772,451
Alaska Did not apply
Arizona $30,877,097
Arkansas $54,573,738
California $910,605,370
Colorado $178,683,411
Connecticut $184,096,903
Delaware $12,936,639
Florida $1,000,000
Georgia $1,000,000
Hawaii $205,342,270
Idaho $69,395,587
Illinois $154,813,136
Indiana $7,895,126
Iowa $59,683,889
Kansas $11,039,303
Kentucky $253,698,351
Louisana $1,000,000
Maine $42,469,009
Maryland $171,013,111
Massachusetts $179,036,455
Michigan $41,517,021
Minnesota $155,020,465
Mississippi $21,143,618
Missouri $21,855,716
Montana $1,000,000
Nebraska $6,481,838
Nevada $83,775,083
New Hampshire $7,267,088
New Jersey $8,897,316
New Mexico $52,979,483
New York $429,065,407
North Carolina $98,357,315
North Dakota $1,000,000
Ohio $1,000,000
Oklahoma $1,000,000
Oregon $305,206,587
Pennsylvania $34,831,212
Rhode Island $134,719,994
South Carolina $1,000,000
South Dakota $6,879,569
Tennessee $9,110,165
Texas $1,000,000
Utah $2,000,000
Vermont $208,232,414
Virginia $6,567,803
Washington 181,392,299
West Virginia $20,832,828
Wisconsin $999,873
Wyoming $800,000
Washington, D.C. $133,573,928
Grand Total: $4,516,438,868