The Obama administration has given CGI, the company behind the faulty website, a pink slip, and as early as next week federal health officials are prepping to sign a new 12 month contract with Accenture.  The new contract would cost roughly $90 million. The contract shake up comes in wake of the White House naming Kurt DelBene, formerly of Microsoft, as CEO of

Changing contractors and naming a CEO isn’t going to change the fact that the major fault is with the Obamacare law itself. Nearly 4.7 million cancellation notifications have gone out to families. Taxpayers have already paid well over $600 million on the faulty website.

If the nearly $90 million contract is signed Accenture will only have a two month transition period. The less than perfect time frame could cause more problems and would cost taxpayers more than what they have already sunk in. American families are receiving cancellations every day yet the administration apparently still believes that Obamacare is the best thing for the country. According to the jobs report released today, the average American still can’t afford the expensive plans, let alone a new contract. reports that only 1.9 million people have enrolled in a “qualifying” Obamacare plan, just 26.9% of the goal of 7 million enrollees by the end of March.

Good luck to Accenture who has to deal with an administration that can’t admit when something is a massive failure.