Cook Political Report has Tedisco up +3, but it is still considered a “toss-up” race. The latest coming from the contest is that Tedisco has called for the resignation of Sec. Geithner and is also using Murphy’s support of the Stimulus Bill to link him to the AIG Bonuses:
Assemblyman Tedisco-
"In these challenging times, our country can ill-afford to have a Treasury Secretary who does not command the full confidence and trust of the American people."
"I believe that, in the best interests of our country, Secretary Geithner should tender his resignation. We need a Treasury Secretary whose first priority will be protecting and fighting for the economic interests of Main Street, not defending the inexcusable actions of AIG."
"In the interest of bi-partisanship, I am asking Scott Murphy to join me in calling for a new direction in leadership at the Treasury Department. News that Congress is considering a legislative remedy to address the AIG scandal is heartening. Hopefully, this time Members will actually vet the legislation before they vote."
I’m pretty sure at this point it is way too early, but as the race stands now, NY20 has generated a great deal of attention from many all over the political atmosphere. Many prominent GOPers have made it one of their top priorities to help Tedisco win what could be a significant gain in the 2010 Midterms. As a candidate, Assemblyman Tedisco has signed The Pledge and Candidate Murphy has not. The “$20 for 20” Campaign was mentioned heavily at CPAC last month, and Tedisco’s popularity, not to mention revelations about Murphy and his views on the ROTC and the Military in general, is helping put him in the driver’s seat to a possible victory next November.