New York- As we hit the 100 day-mark of the Obama Presidency, it seems that some members of the President’s party are already questioning the extreme measures that were taken by the Obama Administration in collusion with top Congressional Dems including Speaker Pelosi and Rep. David Obey all under the guise of "fixing the economy."

One such example is that of New York Congressman Michael Arcuri, representing NY-24. The Democrat, who is currently serving his second term, used a town-hall meeting to let his constituents know that a bill with over 1,000 pages that had not been read by a single member voting on it, might not have been the best solution to the country’s economic woes.

In an attempt to explain his vote to constituents, the New York Democrat even went as far as to say that “We won’t pay this debt. It will be up to our children and grandchildren to work toward a balanced budget.”
National Journal also picked up a report from the Ithaca Journal which states “Arcuri told constituents that perhaps he should not have voted for the stimulus package.”
Well, it’s nice to know that Congressman Arcuri realizes the amount of debt the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Agenda will severely burden future generations of America with massive levels of debt. It is also nice to know that Mr. Arcuri realizes that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to vote for a 1,000 page spending bill that nobody bothered to read. As more and more facts are discovered about the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Stimulus, the more we see how easy it was for Congress and the President to load this up with bonus provisions, mandates on accepting federal dollars that force unions on companies, and even the very real possibility that ACORN could receive tax-payer dollars appropriated in the bill.
I would commend Rep. Arcuri for his candor and his comments about the real costs of the bill to America’s future… but then again, he voted for it.